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Commercial Package Policy Insurance

Our Commerical Package allows agents to easily adjust coverage offerings
for each business they work with.


Why Choose AmTrust for Commercial Package Policy (CPP) Insurance?

AmTrust Financial collaborates with agents to customize package products that meet each policyholder's specific needs and address special issues in the operation of their businesses. With the underwriting flexibility of AmTrust behind you, you can offer both general liability and product liability coverage to your customers. Working with AmTrust increases your ability to solve customer problems and create lasting relationships with companies and individuals who require package coverage.

What is Commercial Package Policy Insurance?

AmTrust offers appointed agents a quality array of package protection products. These policies can be effectively marketed to manufacturers, contractors, real estate lessors and the hospitality industry. In addition, you may offer coverage to any business that has potential package exposure. Your ability to adjust coverage to meet your customers' specific needs is one of the greatest benefits of being appointed with AmTrust.

What is included in a Commercial Package Policy (CPP)?

It typically includes both General Liability and Property coverage, but can also include a number of other types of coverage, such as Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI), Boiler & Machinery, Cyber Liability and Inland Marine Insurance.

What is the difference between a CPP and a Businessowners Policy (BOP)?

A BOP bundles coverages designed for more common small to mid-sized risks. A CPP features coverage tailored to the specific risks and needs of an organization – most often large businesses, or small and mid-sized businesses with unique risks.

Can you write the Property or General Liability coverage separately?

We are willing to write Property on a monoline basis; however, we do not write General Liability separately. It is only offered through our CPP insurance product.

What does a CPP cover for Property?

Property coverage can be tailored to include Business Income, Tenant Improvement and Betterments, Ordinance or Law, Spoilage, Equipment Breakdown and more. We also offer property expansion forms that provide additional coverage enhancements. Contact your agent or an AmTrust representative for details regarding specific coverages and eligibility.

What is a Commercial Umbrella Policy?

Umbrella insurance picks up where your standard insurance coverage falls short. You can think of umbrella insurance less as a standalone insurance product and more as a way of providing your existing coverage an extra boost. With umbrella insurance, you can have additional liability limits to protect your business. It typically provides extra liability coverage for:

  • Bodily injury
  • Property damage
  • Other types of litigation, such as libel and slander

Please note, we do not write umbrella coverage on a standalone basis. We would need to write the underlying CPP in order to offer an umbrella policy.

What Does Commercial Package Policy Insurance Cover?

In addition to commercial general liability and product liability, you can offer coverage for discontinued product liability to owners who are selling a business and want continued protection against damage or harm caused by products their company manufactured. In addition, you can provide completed operations liability for contractors who want protection for harm to parties after contracted activities have ceased. You may offer owners and contractors protective (OCP) liability to protect the insured person from claims based on work a contractor performs.

You can also offer occurrence coverage for any events that take place during the policy period, no matter when the claim is made, or you can offer claims-made coverage for events and claims that both happen during the policy period.

AmTrust offers a host of optional coverages that can greatly increase your commercial package product line and help you provide your policyholders with customized coverage. You can offer liability coverage on employee benefits, as well as coverage of vendors. You may provide blanket coverage or include additional insured persons in a policy. If your policyholders want project coverage, you can offer per project or per location endorsements.


Benefits for Agents

Your practice can grow with AmTrust, because you have room to change, adjust and appeal to a wider range of business types, owners and property requirements. Our commercial package offerings offer a broad selection of coverage options so you can be confident you have the ability to insure almost any type of business owner seeking commercial package insurance you will meet. AmTrust appointed agents are some of the most informed, prepared and adaptable in the business. Grow your business with us today.

Premiums, Deductibles, and Policy Limits

Minimum premiums start at $15,000.

Deductibles range from $1,000 to $25,000 per claim or occurrence. The Self Insured Retention minimum is $25,000.

Policy limits are $1 million per occurrence, combined with $2 million general aggregate and $2 million products aggregate coverage. There is a $1 million limit on liquor liability.

AmTrust provides you with ISO coverage forms for commercial property that define what property and property interest are included in the coverage. You can easily customize endorsements and exclusions, along with risk transfer tailored to each client's needs and circumstances. This ability helps you meet any risk situation with a viable solution.

Time Zones